We’re currently looking for a UX & UI designer, highly skilled and motivated, to join our team and work together with our consultants, projects managers, designers and developers. Yes, that’s a lot of people but we’re nice. We, by the way, are Nvision, a digital and creative advisory agency.

we are hiring

Working very closely with a UX lead, your mission, should you choose to accept it: study user behaviors, define personas and their attributes, prototype very quickly, design and optimize the digital interfaces of our customers, perform benchmarks and ergonomics audits and share with the various teams to offer the best possible user experience.

We do have some expectations for you:

  • A good knowledge of UX best practices, obviously
  • The skill to transform a great wireframe into a great design
  • Usability over beauty (both can exist together)
  • The will to co-create, rather with clients or teams
  • Deep interest of the world in general and digital in particular
  • Open minded & Team spirit
  • Minimum of 4 years in a similar position

Still there? Good!

Cause that’s not over yet. We hope you have some conversation, a serious sense of humor, even if it’s a very personal one and that you generally are in a good mood (an average of 86,74% would do). Besides:

  • You make the difference between an intuitive ergonomics, and a complicated one.
  • Mobile experience is not a concept for you, but a real necessity.
  • You understand customer needs and are able to translate them into the digital world.
  • You have a pronounced artistic sense and are highly creative.
  • You have a thorough understanding of graphics arts (colours, typography, browser technological constraints…).
  • You have an extensive knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite.
  • You are organised and meticulous.
  • You speak French and English (other languages such as German or Luxembourgish are welcome).

Well, that would definitely be a perfect match if you were like:

  • Asking lots, lots of questions (mostly relevant ones please)
  • Having your own personal inner thing
  • Able to take a step forward to really get the big picture
  • Able to keep an open mind, whatever the subject


Interested? Send you resume at with UX-062019 in the subject, or fill the form below, explaining how and why you are the perfect team mate.

Je postule !