Nvision 6:
building tomorrow’s agency.

It is time for a change, a real one.

We believe it is time for a new breed of agencies. The digital age has begun, entire industries are getting disrupted, business models and value chains are turned upside down. And so is the agency business itself, their roles, models and the added value it brings to its clients. It is time for a different package, it is about experiences and it has to be digital at heart.

Tomorrow’s agency will have to be able to build true partnerships with its clients. It all starts with values, the brand and product essence, how you mold the customer experience. You have to go way beyond sheer advisory or execution services and get to the core of the business and underlying dynamics. And when it comes to the customer, everything is experience, digital is the catalyst. So we decided to move to the next level … Nvision 6.

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  1. Some things remain the same.

    As a brand, product company or service provider, it is about you and your client, the bonds you establish, the experiences you share and the emotions you convey. It is about values, the brand and product essence, how you mold the customer experience and what he feels, and of course ultimately it is about selling. But the environment changes, consumer habits evolve, expectations rise.

    The digital revolution speeds up this change exponentially: channels are fully digital, the way messages are delivered is different, availability is permanent and immediate and consumers apply other industries’ benchmarks to yours. The services and non-physical products industries are turned upside down at their core and those that sell physical goods have to rethink their marketing models and methods entirely.

  2. True added value goes beyond execution.

    Moore’s law is still valid, not only in the semiconductors world, but almost everywhere, in every industry that is subject to a digital evolution. In a fully digital world where everyone wants everything immediately, traditional business models get disrupted or just do not work anymore. This applies too to the relations between clients and their agencies.

    Today, and even more so tomorrow, as an advisor, you have to truly get to know and fully understand your client’s business, its underlying dynamics, challenges and opportunities. You have to comprehend how it evolves.

    You should be wholeheartedly familiar with the brand and how your client’s clients get their impulses. And only then you can come up with proposals, concepts and advice that will truly matter and take your client and his business to the next level, to face the challenges in a digital world.

  3. The digital age requires digital natives.

    Ultimately, it is all about the experience and emotions, the customer’s, the user’s, everyone’s. You have to connect with them, emotionally, technically, to create the bonds and links. Everything is experience, digital is the catalyst. Both are deeply connected, but different layers to successful strategies.

    You have to keep in mind and fully understand the big picture to become really creative, it goes way beyond the application of a traditional methodology by companies or individuals that master only a fraction of the required ingredients and skills.

    The time where you could emulate these abilities is over; it takes digital natives to get this job done. Without them you will just get the old-school method under a new label, if you are lucky, but you will never get anything real.

  4. Partners in crime.

    We commit to building experiences with clients and shaping new business models. Of course, our clients’ clients are at the core of every concept and strategy. Sometimes we even go so far as to partner with our clients to create new ecosystems, to become the operational enabler for entire industries with our own platforms and products.

    We did so when we started a routing and micropayments-platform with mobile operators under the Mpulse brand, and again a few years later when providing Luxembourg’s retail banks with a fully digital payment product and platform known as Digicash. Hopping industries at this level is a huge challenge, requires in-depth knowledge and know-how acquisition and to go the extra mile.

    It is all about building sustainable partnerships by investing a lot of energy and efforts to make sure to get the best out of it. It is not an easy thing … but then again, most of the times ‘easy’ does not go well with “substantial” or “sustainable”.

  5. The next level.

    Capitalising on a 16 years journey of successful experiences with our loyal clients, we have decided to launch our next challenge: building tomorrow’s agency.

    Apply the winning strategies, build new kinds of partnerships and revenue models, be the partner of choice for digitising strategies and implementation.

  6. We hire.

    This endeavor requires the full skill set: a new generation of strategists, advisors and concept specialists that understand the dynamics of our clients businesses and come up with substantial plans, a strong design and UX team assuring the best experiences with that certain something, a seasoned coding, implementation and project management team that builds the core of web sites, apps, platforms and infrastructures. As well as an efficient community management, continuity, support and training team delivering measurable results. A team of experts who are driven by excellence and have a genuinely digital mindset.

    You can be a part of it. We’d love to have you on the team. These are the profiles we are currently looking for.

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  7. Why Nvision 6?
    A quick look at our history.

    It all started in 1999 with a bunch of friends founding the company which they called Nvision, with huge ambitions in a totally new industry.

    Mike Sergonne and Raoul Mulheims led the company to its version 2 in 2003, delivering web agency services, mostly to other professionals/agencies and to the government.

    They got to the next stage in 2006, when they established Mpulse as a spin-off operating routing and micro-payments, and developing Nvision 3 with the first major institutional clients such as ArcelorMittal, SES, ABBL and others.

    The Nvision 4 phase started in 2009 with the addition of a continuity department and a slight shift towards clients in the B2C area (Bofferding, Sales-Lentz, …).

    The fifth major release of the company as they say in the software business started in 2012 with the development of a whole new brand & marketing department, providing advisory services and leading campaigns for major brands such as Rosport, POST and Albert Heijn Belgium.

    Now it is time for Nvision 6 ...